Today's Prayer Times
25 May 2019

Salaah Start Jama'at
SUHOOR 3:05 -
Fajr 3:08 3:30
Sunrise 5:00 -
Zuhr 1:06 1:30
Asr 6:29 7:10
Maghrib 9:06 9:11
Isha 10:15 11:00

NEW Prayer Time Countdown

Reading Muslim has created a new dashboard style timer counting down to the next prayer time:

Today is Day 20 (night before fast) of Ramadan 1440 AH (2019)

For Saturday 25th May 2019, SUHOOR end time is 3:05 and IFTAR is at 9:06. Today's fast is 18 hours 1 minute. DAHWATUL KUBRA is at 12:07.

Dahwatul Kubra is the mid-point between Subah Sadiq (beginning of Fajr) and Sunset, while Zawaal is the mid-point between Sunrise and Sunset. According to the Hanafi School of Thought, you must make your intention to fast [during Ramadan] by this time for your fast to be valid. NB: this leniency on intention only applies for fasting in the month of Ramadan in case one forgets to make intention before Fajr. Learn more Fiqh of Ramadan.

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